Monday, July 11, 2011

Last part of Honduras -till next visit anyways. =)

So I have not been able to write, seems like everytime I had time to write the internet was not really working! The rest of my time since my last blog in Honduras was really awesome.  We had the team come from our church and we got to minister in schools, an orphanage, the team took a visit to the dump and was able to give out around 320 bags of food and we also had a suitcase full of flipflops and we had a bunch of T-shirts to give out.  One of the days we went up to San Juancito, a little village in the mountains and we gave out 150 bags of food. AND we had the pleasure of doing our dramas in the rain and in the mud. It was a blast! some of my most favorite memories have been when I've gotten to minister outside in the pouring down rain in the middle of nowhere ;). Also my Dad gave out 70something hearig aids there in San Juancito and in Tegucigalpa.  The crusades we had at the end of the week were different from other years, not a ton of people were there especially the second night in Comayagua.  However, it didn't matter the size of the crowd God still moved in incredible ways! One little deaf boy got completely healed! And many accepted Jesus! Then to top it off we had two concerts with DC Reto both of which were hype! =) and then last Monday on the last full day with the team we went to Pullahpanzak, which is a huge waterfall that you zipline over and swim down under. It is incredible to say the least! It's probably one of the most thrilling things I've ever done in my life! and that was my second time to do it! Elizabeth, Ashlyn and I said goodbye to the team on tuesday morning and enjoyed a couple more days with our Honduran family and friends. Had to say goodbye thursday afternoon took a bus to San Pedro Sula then our flight left at about 12:30am we had a couple hours in FLL airport then Elizabeth and I told Ashlyn bye and headed to Armenia, Colombia and arrived there about 1 in the afternoon got through customs and had a 3hr bus ride.  Now I'm here in Palmira, Colombia now living on a farm/orphanage.  It's very different here, we are living in the house with our American missionaries from our church back in K-town so its like switching cultures again. I'm excited to see what God does while we are here though and what more adventures are in store!
Thanks everyone who has been praying for me and this trip!

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