Monday, March 7, 2011

Excitement in preparation

I am so excited about life right now!!! And I am thrilled to be living out God's plan for my life!  I leave in only 13 short weeks to start a 5 month long mission trip with my friend Elizabeth Jambor. We will be in Honduras for the first month of the trip and the rest of the time will be spent in Colombia.  I figured blogging throughout everything will be the easiest way for evereyone to keep up with all the awesome things that happen and with everything God does around me, for me, and through me.  My love for missions started early in my life.  I feel so at home and full of peace when I am doing the work that God has chosen for me to do, and I LOVE going to other places and finding that I have tons of other brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same passion that I do.

So to start, I actually just got back from Honduras a few weeks ago and God has really started opening doors.  I am so excited to be a part of what He has planned!! While we were in Honduras our team had the opportunity to meet with some Christian government officials who gave us permission to minister anywhere in the city.  They also offered us security in places where it might be needed.  We got the chance to minister in the city of San Juancito which is a smaller village about an hour into the mountains outside of Tegucigalpa.  Last year alone the city had 8 teenagers commit suicide.  You could see when we were in the high school how depressed the rest of the kids were.  So I am excited about the chance to go back there and minister. 

We took a walk down the streets of Valle de Angeles one night (Valle de Angeles is another mountain village on the other side of San Juancito).  While walking we felt led to talk to a particular street vendor.  The man made his living by selling trinkets and doing some sort of fire juggling where you have to drink the gasoline.  While talking with him we learned that he had a black spot on his lungs from drinking the gasoline.  The doctors thought this spot was cancer.  We decided to stop right there on the street to pray for him.  Our friend that was with us who works with the church there got his information so that she could invite him to come to their church the next week.  The hardest part about praying for people overseas is knowing that the chances of finding out what happened to them are slim.  I do often remember people I've prayed for and wonder what became of the situation.  However, this time the results were not left to my imagination! A couple weeks after we got back we got the report that the man we prayed for on the side of the road in the little mountain village in Honduras has been attending the church of our friend AND when he went back to the doctor to find out about his cancer, the doctors couldn't find anything on his lungs.  They are COMPLETELY clear!! =]  !!! -God is Awesome.

So now I have only 90 days to prepare to go back!  I hope all of you who read this remember to keep me in your prayers.  The details are coming together really well.  However, I still have to graduate high school before I can leave!!..!!  I do have my plane tickets purchased, but am still working on raising funds for living expenses and some different taxes.  Please rememeber to pray!!

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  1. Jessica, this is wonderful. It will be a joy to read about your experiences while your preparing and while your away. I will be praying for you.
    Melissa Medley